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The AstroHutech Hinode Solar Guider is the first autoguider designed for casual solar viewing as well as photography. There's not much you can really plan when it comes to having a baby. But the financial part of it is one that you can and I highly suggest you do so. Everything else will probably not go according to plan and you're either going to have to change your initial plan or just wing it. Whatever happens, don't lose focus, don't lose your mind, and ask friends, family and fellow translators for help. I say fellow translators because, family and friends can and will help you on a more personal level, but having good partnerships with fellow translators will literally save your business life when your baby gets sick and you need help with your translations and deadlines.

For these observations, the 1'' slit was stepped over the central part of the active region and 25 s exposures were taken at each position. An area of 128'' × 128'' was imaged in about 57 minutes (see Figure 1 ). The observing sequence for this observation returned the complete wavelength range from each detector so all of the lines observable with EIS are potentially available in these data.

We have presented a comprehensive analysis of observations in the core of an active region using data from the EIS and XRT instruments on Hinode and TRACE. The apparent steadiness of the XRT emission, the lack of spatial correlation between the hot and warm emission, and the consistency of the funnel models with the observed emission all point to frequent heating events that keep the hot loops close to equilibrium. Furthermore, these results are consistent with high cadence EIS measurements of moss intensities, Doppler shifts, and non-thermal widths that show little evidence of dynamical events over many hours (Brooks & Warren 2009 ). In combination, these results provide strong evidence that the heating in the core of an active region is effectively steady, that is, the time between heating events is short relative to the relevant radiative and conductive cooling times.

Greenpeace taught me a lot, not only about the environment, but about people, community, the future, responsibility and accountability, and all that changed me. There's nothing more marvelous than helping others, making a difference, and impacting lives. That is why I keep supporting Greenpeace worldwide in any way I can, and that includes having a special discount rate for NGOs that work with causes that are close to my heart, such as slave labor, environmental issues, children, medical procedures for the poor, emergency response, etc.

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I guess what really helped me out was financially planning my pregnancy ahead of time, so it wouldn't be a burden when I finally took a break to focus on my son. Two years before getting pregnant I was already buying gender neutral baby items and had two different savings accounts to prepare for the first few months: one for all of the big ticket items and one for 6 months of maternity leave.

This research supports investigations concerning micro→macro level analysis relationships with commercial and financial data in order to merge marketing decisions to finance. Author's Note : The Rainmaker continues the story from The Prophecy. The books are not standalone and are intended to be read in order.

where Iλ is the observed intensity, P0 is the base pressure, and f is the filling factor. This allows for the calculation of physical models of the moss without knowing the loop length. This is important since the magnetic topology of an active region is difficult to infer, even with the use of vector magnetograms (e.g., DeRosa et al. 2009 ).

Keywords : Marketing activities; business performance; micro-enterprise; profitability and sales. As categorias podem ser todas acessadas na parte superior esquerda da página, caso você queira continuar no site. Só é permitido um voto por categoria. A fase de votaçã vai até 6 de junho.

Some previous work comparing EIS moss intensities with steady heating models has been presented in an earlier paper (Warren et al. 2008 ). This work introduced the use of density sensitive lines to determine both the base pressure and the filling factor. For lines formed close to Fe xii, there was good agreement between steady heating models and the observations. At the lowest temperatures, however, there was a dramatic difference, with the modeled intensities being about 400% higher than what was observed. A similar temperature dependence in the contrast between moss and network intensities was noted by Fletcher & de Pontieu ( 1999 ). Their work suggested that it was difficult to identify moss regions in relatively low temperature emission.

A longitudinal multilevel study was conducted using daily panel data for 5,800 products sold and monthly time series on the business level, involving 26 months of commercial and financial records for a micro-enterprise (a drugstore). Panel and time series regressions were performed.

The Hinode Science meeting is taking place at Trinity College Dublin from 20 to 24 August, and is hosted by the Solar Physics team. The team is led by Peter Gallagher and is funded by Science Foundation Ireland and ESA. LinkedIn ads are sold by auction. You bid against other advertisers trying to reach the same audience.