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Sexuality is on display everywhere you turn these herpagreens reviews days. It can be found on TV, in magazines, and with the images women and men see from Hollywood. It also seems like young boys and girls are becoming sexually active at a much earlier age than before. Both sexes seem to be content to have multiple partners before they are ready to settle down with just one person. As a result sexually transmitted diseases are very high. Known as STD's, one of the most common is herpes.

Genital herpes is an often misunderstood disease, and although there is no cure, those with it can live out their lives like normal. The Marketing Manager of USA Lab Testing explains the truth about genital herpes.

Herpes is so widespread that you can almost call it a public disease. In some areas of the world, almost a hundred percent of the population carry the virus. While the virus is so well spread, the knowledge about the virus itself is not. This is why we've concentrated 5 essential points of information on herpes that you need to know. Consider this the lazy mans guide to herpes.