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If you are looking for the top tourist locations in New York then you need to come to New York City. In the previous few decades New York has emerged as one of the most popular tourist locations around the globe. Among the popular traveler destinations in New York is the Empire State Building. The observation deck of the structure has 4 floors devoted to welcoming tourists and visitors. Among the lots of popular traveler areas in New York, the Empire State Building is most likely the very best understood traveler destination. It was integrated in 1931 and has actually been getting countless visitors every year. At its peak, it had fourteen stories and today it can possess sixteen stories. Another popular place to go to in New York is the Statue of Liberty. This traveler spot is among the most photographed tourist areas in New York. It is located near Ellis Island and is the best location to get a first look at the Statue of Liberty. It is among the very best traveler spots in New

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