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Some time back, I downloaded an iPhone app and I was surprised at the fact the iPhone app did not need an Android app store. This made me very confused since the iPhone app was not really a great download but it was also very unique. Nevertheless now I've my iPhone and most of my downloads are through the iPhone app store. Could it be because Android is overtaking the mobile phone market on the planet? Or it's because I want to download Android apps as well? Well, the solution to this question might be a bit complex. To begin, Android has been gaining ground on the mobile phone market for recent years. Samsung was once considered the leader but now they are tied with Apple for second place with the iPhone and HTC for third place. With this particular being said, you would think that the Android download game zombies would be overtaking the iPhone download game industry due to the technology that Android offers. The Android Market isn't as big as the iPhone app store and

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