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Proof that too much doesn't necessarily have to be a bad thing. In which can be found so many of the best things about 21st century cinema. From Lynne Ramsay to Tilda Swinton to Ezra Miller, this is so much more than a film about a high-school shooting. That it's also that makes it more devastating than even the most catastrophic disaster movie. To date the best film made about 9/11, Spike Lee's movie is really about the state of the States.

Film Noir

This follows the life of 18 year old Susanna played by Winona Ryder as she is admitted to a mental health institution for young women. The film follows the relationships she builds with the other women inside the institution. The Lisbon girls live in suburbia in Michigan and end up taking their own lives. The story is told through the viewpoint of the men who knew them when they were teenagers and the mystery surrounding their story. This film follows Wilson played by Philip Seymour

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