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The Buzz on Window Installation Companies

The Pella west lower level window was set up in 2012, and has actually had consistent leaking problems on the leading right inside since that time. Pella agents came out, and insisted that the window was not triggering the leaking problems. We worked with a roofing contractor to inspect the roofing, and the location above the window; no issues were found.

Pella took the window cladding apart, and told us that, at setup, the metal cladding was cut incorrectly at the upper corner of the window. Pella did repairs to the outside, and fixed the substantial damage to the inside of the window, and stated the window was now fixed. Around March 2015, severe water damage was discovered to the siding listed below the window.

The professionals saw that the extension portion of the flashing at the top of the window had been cut off when the Pella window

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