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Find three qualified bidders. Everybody knows that Google (or Bing or Yahoo) offers you countless options to select from with a few simple search keywords. The important thing to remember is to use wording that will eliminate the providers that don't specialize in your neighborhood of need. For example, be sure to include "commercial" or "office" to the others of your key phrase to weed out residential-only cleaning businesses. And should you have a medical service (or another real estate with specific cleaning requirements), include that as well. For general office space "office cleaning assistance" or "commercial janitorial assistance" combined with the name of your town should bring up more than enough options to pick from. In addition to your web search, ask around!! Positive word-of-mouth may be the best indicator a cleaning company is proficient at what they do. Most every commercial facility employs an outsourced cleaning or maintenance outfit in some form or style. Ask friends

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