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For me there is nothing that can compare with flying a plane. Whenever your tires lift off the runway, you are entering a new world; an environment of freedom where you are feeling as free of charge as a bird. No longer are you shackled to the bottom with everyone else. You have already been liberated and possess the power to go anywhere. Perhaps I've used just a little poetic licence here and there, but essentially these are the feelings and emotions experienced by pilots each time they take to the air. Also to many observers it really is an exclusive club; from the current population in britain of around 60 million, right now there are just about 20,000 pilots. For those left on the ground and looking up at an aircraft flying overhead, they may ask themselves the questions, "How do they do that?" and "MAY I also perform it?" The response to both questions is likely to be "Yes". Many people can be taught to fly. But to gain your "pilot's wings" there are many of stages you have

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