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On Thursday evening, I ate a doughnut I found in a bin. Good! Today they're all off cleaning their brains with wire wool, we can talk about the ethics and joys of dumpster diving. A very important factor first: I know we don't have any dumpsters in this country, it's Britain, we have bins. It should actually be "Bin Diving" but it just doesn't audio as positive, it doesn't convey a fraction of the pleasure involved in this activity, and it conjures up all of the nasty (and mainly mythical) elements all too well. To put it simply, it's the practice of digging through bins (usually those belonging to shops and other huge institutions) to recuperate useable items, sometimes including food. I've read about dumpster diving before, with considerable curiosity, and it really resonates with me as an ethical practice as well as a extremely exciting idea - but what with one thing and another (mostly dread and embarrassment as normal) I by no means did anything about it. But these times the

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