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- Bell + Howell Ultra-Ultrasonic Pest Remover With AC Outlet and LED Light-weight (pack of 4) The Bell + Howell is really an ultrasonic pest Management device which has a few spray nozzles that may be employed in numerous cases including the bedroom, garage, and outside. They're also effective at doing away with bed bugs, termites, ants, roaches and mice as well as a magnetic repelling unit can be available being an incorporate-on accent. - Magnetic Pest Manage (pair of two) This magnetic repelling repellent is perfect for use on every type of Wooden or drywall, and it works by releasing electromagnetic Strength that repels the insects or rodents. It is made from a magnetic field that's been magnetised inside the device. The machine functions in conjunction with an air compressor to allow the electromagnetic Electricity to vacation throughout the air. The electromagnetic Vitality passes in the air which is interested in the floor on the floor to which it truly is directed. - Bug

Bell Howell Ultrasonic Pest Repeller