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Many women desire a more full, rounded and beautiful derriere. There are many different types of procedures that can assist them in enhancing the beauty of their buttocks and each has a unique ability to do this. Most people associate a buttlift with fat transfer to the buttocks to enlarge the buttocks and give it the appearance of a lift. To do this procedure, fat is aspirated from the flanks to sculptor the flanks to a sleeker, thinner, more curved appearance; then the fat is strategically transferred to the buttocks depending on the patient’s desires. Other procedures include insertion of butt implants for those women who have little fat to transfer, and buttock elevations for those who have saggy skin from weight-loss or pregnancies. We at TrueMD are experienced in doing all these procedures and our patients love the results. Learn more on the other pages of our website on these topics. If you desire to make an appointment for a free consultation, fill out the form below or give us

Dallas Buttlift