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Re: 5 Fascinating Tips To Write a Brilliant Essay

por Tao davin (2021-08-17)

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Don't know how to write the economic growth rate unemploymentSWOT and PESTEL analysis are essential business tools used to evaluate a new business or project systematically. 

It gives a better understanding to the decision-makers about the changes that may occur and the impact that these changes may have on their business.


Usually, business and marketing students are given to write SWOT and PESTEL analysis assignments. To write the apple PESTEL analysis independently, you must have comprehensive knowledge about these concepts. Go on reading this blog to have a clear idea about SWOT & PESTEL analysis.


  • What is SWOT analysis?

The full form of SWOT is STRENGTH, WEAKNESS, OPPORTUNITIES and THREATS. This analysis has been used as a framework to analyze the above mentioned four factors of an organization related to business competition or project planning. It helps to understand where the company is doing well, identify what they lack, minimize risks, and make the most significant possible advantage of chances for performance management system success.


  • What is PESTEL analysis?

PESTEL is an abbreviation for POLITICAL, ECONOMICAL, SOCIAL, TECHNOLOGICAL, ENVIRONMENTAL, and LEGAL factors affecting a effects of domestic violence on male victims business. This analysis identifies and describes the macro-environmental factors used in the environmental scanning component of strategic ecommerce challenges solutions management.

Before writing the SWOT & PESTEL analysis of Apple, you should have a brief idea about their profile. Apple is acclaimed as the most notable electronic device brand globally for its unique innovation and wide range of products. In addition, as per its revenue and total assets, it is the world's largest information technology company, with 123,000employees (last recorded in 2017).


  • The SWOT analysis for apple

Since 2005, Apple has been ranking at the top of the BDG's list of 50. Because of its unique innovations in electronic devices. It is the pioneer of iTunes Media Player, iLife and iWork. With consumer's immense trust, Apple has a net worth of $2 Trillion in 2021.


Apple has managed to cater to customers precisely what they need. And to do so, their marketing team goes above and beyond to meet the high-end result. Here goes the strength. 

Their weaknesses are,

  • High price
  • Incompatibility of different OS
  • Overdependence on IPad & iPhone

Despite all weaknesses, it still has a high demand for products and growth in the communication devices market makes this opportunity stronger. The iCloud has taken Apple to a new arena of heights. 

The list of threats include:

  • The evolving environment of Electronic Communication
  • Reputation Damage Due To Tax Scandal
  • Infringement Of Intellectual Property (IP) Rights

Keeping all these in mind poses a threat to the company that the consumers might switch to android OS over iOS. 


To know how to write the essay writercontact an assignment writing service near you. 

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